June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Dads:

Daddio Originalio-
Thanks for always making me laugh (always when I least expect it) and for teaching me how to yodel when I'm lost. Thanks for fudgcicles, good advice, and hundreds of stories to pass on. Thanks for showing me what rebuilding and steadfastness look like. Thanks for telling me to let everything go and to let other people row their own boats (I can't row it for them) . And thanks for letting me row my own boat, and for cheering me on.

Dear Dad-in-love/law-
Thanks for being kind and loving. And thanks for being a godly example for my husband and showing him how to find a refuge in God and in a godly family. Thanks for lots of good coffee, cheese and steaks, and for babysitting our dogs in such a way they genuinely don't want to come home. Most of all, thanks for a wonderful, beautiful, amazing husband who I could never be grateful enough for.
Happy Father's Day!
Daughter of yours


Anonymous said...

Georgia, thanks for all your kind words and thanks for being a great daughter inlove and wife to our Jacob. Danny Daddy OOOOOOOH

The Reeds said...

Awww!!! You're welcome. I'm the one that is so thankful and blessed! You guys did such a great job.. I am forever grateful for your love and your two children... You guys "did good"!!

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