May 26, 2010

An Ode to Wednesdays

An Ode to Wednesday- In which I pretend Wednesday is a person I torture on a daily basis.

Hello Wednesday!

(Wednesday wears a plastic hat and poses for the Paparazzi).
Oh Wednesday, do you remember the day I learned your n came after your d? I didn't believe it for the longest time and had to practice not spelling you "Wensday". You're so crazy like that! I love the way you make me feel like it's "almost" Friday. I get a little rush and want to call my neighbors and squeal. But I don't. Today I bought a large Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla at McDonalds on my way to work, and sat one on your desk. Then I let my students play card games after they took their final. I told them "Skip Bo" was created in Brownfield and immediately began doubting my accuracy. I didn't let on. I tore papers off of my wall and whipped a rolling table through the halls like a hospital bed while yelling "Code"! or "Stat"! before crashing into a trashcan. Bowling just went up a notch. Thanks colleague Ha-May my Wednesday poser for making work fun. Now enjoy your summer. That's an order straight from the Circus master!

Out and Over-
(that's me).


Amy and the Mykytiuk Bunch said...

Thanks so much! I think it's the bbq one that I read about and wanted to try, and cheap is what I want.
My family reunion is the occassion. We'll be there Friday and Saturday 4th and 5th. Bummer you'll be gone. But I'll think about you while I have some good food! =)

Amy and the Mykytiuk Bunch said...

Didn't you write about a bakery recently too?

Jen said...

Ha, ha! This just made me smile!

Christi said...

This made me laugh. You must almost be out for the summer. We go until June 9th--that's right--I said June! Yuck! Enjoy your last few days!

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