May 28, 2010

Fantabulous Friday: The Ridiculous Recap and the world on a thtring

What's that I hear? Angels singing a chorus of Halelujah? Oh yes indeed. It. Is. Summer! Last night I sat through one of the best graduations in which the grads smiled so big and held back tears of pride and joy and in which the finale wasn't Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (think "we don't need no education" being blared over the loud speaker like at my own graduation) but rather was indeed a chorus of "Halelujah". It was fitting. My mind raced back to my graduation and how I felt like I had the world on a 'thtring' and was bursting with joy and then back to my days of kindergarten. Which was only fitting as these graduates started kindergarten the SUMMER after I graduated high school. When someone announced this Jacob squeezed my hand and turned to me and whispered, "I feel OLD!" I then whispered back, "Welcome to MY world!" I then proceeded to a local fitness club to be a part of "Project Graduation" where the grads are locked in and win great prizes like laptops and ipods. I almost fell asleep on three different weight machines. I was delirious and tired.  It's the most time I've spent in a gym in the past three months. Not to mention the longest I've stayed awake in a very very very long time. Kid were kids and munched on copious amounts of  pringles, pizza and reeces peanut butter cups. I found myself warning students that, and I quote, were going to pay for that later with gas, end quote. A few students just rolled their eyes and walked away. The strangest part is, I couldn't stop myself from passing on this last bit of wisdom before they took on the world. I told one small petite girl (who I don't even teach) that those pringles would "send her to the moon" with gas... Needless to say, there was no verbal response to that.

I am old. And strange. And apparently no longer meant to stay up that late full of sugar and caffeine.
Congrats grads!!

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ashley said...

congrats on another year and your summer break

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