March 30, 2010

Part 7: Cruise & Food

Good morning all!

This is not your typical Tuesday for us. Jacob had a doctor's visit and I needed to take him there and home. So we both have taken the day off of work. Sleeping in past 7 is soooo wonderful! Traffic is worse but it was worth it.

After checking him in I snuck out for an iced coffee from McDonalds. I know it's probably not healthy and I'm just a big ol' consumer. But there you have it.

I love iced coffees from McDaonalds. With sugar free vanilla. There. It's out.

Having some unexpected time to just read and sit is really wonderful... ahhh...

Confession number two for the morning: I love National Geographic. Loooove them. Any magazine that you WANT to keep for years and always find fascinating is my kind of reading material. And I have always been fascinated with their pictures...When I was a child I loved looking at the photos for hours.

See. I've always had an issue with loving photos of every day life. What can I say? I'm an iced coffee and picture lovin' woman!

Back to that cruise.
I've shared about the ice shows.. but I have yet to share about the food.

Oh the food. I thought that perhaps "Gluttony on the Seas" would be a better name for our ship than "Independence of the Seas".

People kept telling me that the food was insane and that we would gain weight on the cruise... and I found that to be TOTALLY TRUE!

On a cruise, all of your food is included in the price of the cruise. We ate breakfast at a buffet style restaurant on the 11th floor. This "cafe" had windows for walls that looked out over the stern and both sides of the ship.  Here's the view from our table at breakfast while at port.

We ate our supper in the dining hall. There are three levels of the dining halls- and no swimsuits or shorts can be worn here.

This pic was actually from our last night when all of the waiters paraded through and sang a song to us.
Our table...

Swinging napkins as they sang...

Two nights of our cruise were "formal". Some people wore gowns and tuxes.

(not us!). And outside of the  dining halls they were taking pictures of groups and families and then selling them. We didn't buy ours but they were really nice pictures. But...

I did sneak a picture of one of Dave and Michelle's pictures. Then a worker came and I got in trouble.. Oops! Don't they look great though?

And here's the view from our assigned table.

Each night you were given a menu and you could choose anything from the three course selection- and as MANY as you wanted. And so many options..

Escargot anyone?


And those were JUST appetizers...
Main courses included shrimp, grouper, salmon, lobster tail, lobster ravioli, vegetarian options. low calorie options (which I did try to choose on occasion!).

My advice? Take it easy! How much we ate was a bit embarrassing!

This was JUST dessert! I typically ordered HALF of the dessert menu JUST for me... and of course a little coffee too.

A great part of our meals was our service. Our head waiter was named Benni and he was quite a blessing. We enjoyed getting to know him and I plan on talking later about the service (which was wonderful) and why that is in an odd thing that we were sad about on the ship. Having these kinds of options and the massive amounts while floating by Haiti for example didn't sit well with our hearts...

More on that later!

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Christi said...

I was wondering when you'd mention the food?

Oh, the food on cruises--it's ridiculous, isn't it? But so fun!

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