December 13, 2009

Traveldy waveldy: Food Around the World- Europe

As we take this make-believe little trip around the world I would like for you all to wrap your scarf a little tighter and make sure your berets are on straight- cuz we're headed to Europe!

Land of fine cuisine, if I do say so myself. And I do.  So....

We begin with the Czech Republic for obvious reasons... You know, because of five years of eating its cuisine and all.
Nachod, Czech Republic.. Fruit dumplings. Fruit dumplings are to die for. And you HAVE to eat the real deal made by a babicka/grandma or it doesn't count. Beautiful fruit boiled in a dough ball and slathered in melted butter, sugar and tvaroh (the English translation is cottage cheese.. but friends, I beg to differ. We simply DON'T have this cheese).

Here we are posing with our 'healthy' treat in front of the Miss Czech Fitness as women peddle away on stationary bikes, on live television, for the crown. The irony was too much.

Next is medovnik or honey cake.

Now this ordinary looking little thing is a delicacy in my circles. A legend really. It is, hands down, the best cake you will ever taste.. And you know I wouldn't kid you about dessert. I take my dessert VERY seriously.

Rumor has it, that this was an old Russian recipe. But every restaurant in Prague seemed to have it- and boy did we love it. Seven layers of whipped honey goodness. So airy and light... Ahh....

The chocolate bar is not typical and just showcases that it can be decorated for a variety of purposes. Ha!

Next stop: Lake Como, Italy
This is a picture that encompasses many a number of things. Cappuccinos, lattes, you name it. That all taste good, never bitter, and never in a styrofoam or cardboard cup with people pecking away on laptops all around you... Not to mention the outdoor dining..Face to face with friends, no hurry... *sigh*.

On this particular day we were George Clooney hunting.. To no avail. But we did find some happy Italians visiting. But no George. He must have not gotten our memo?

Next: Switzerland. Go there. Tomorrow. Thank you.
All of these pictures will come from Zermatt (Matterhorn above) because it was the most memorable food-wise (and otherwise!).

Escargot.. Snails...don't knock it til you try it.
Fondue. Never quite as good unless a Swiss Inn keeper feels obligated to feed it to you... Mmmm thank you kind mountain man!
And that brings us to Bern, Swizterland and fruit fondue....

Just say yes.

And now this brings us to the bittersweet end of our little rendezvous.. Spain.
Bitter sweet because though I have beautiful memories of the affair, my mind is tainted by our last fateful hours and our last meal.

Madrid, Spain- The Gran Via.... :(
We ordered paella to say "Vaya con Dios" to Spain..

Unfortunately it tasted like wet dog... THEN... right after this picture was snapped- we were robbed.

Not just robbed, but slapped in the face and robbed by eight year old punks-robbed. So actually, my last day in Madrid consisted of me sitting in a police station for a few hours while my friends (ever so faithful and wonderful) ran up and down the main streets giving the evil eye to 8 year old boys and looking in trashcans.... Ole.

*Note: Normally paella is WONDERFUL which is why I include it here.... Just don't get robbed.. or eat wet dog.. Obvious things like that.

Ever-scarred but hungry just the same,


Brandon and April said...

sweeeeeeet post.
I find it odd that you've visited such awesome places and now find yourself living in Lubbock. meh, not to knock your current home...just, well, you know what I mean.
escargot? really? just don't know if I could bring myself to it.

Mike and Emily said...

wait, did you go to switzerland? You saw the scene from the picture in person...awe, jealousy here in central texas...need to pray. =)

jordan said...

love it. just love it. i also take picutres of food everywhere we go, maybe I should copy your post. :)

Lindsey said...

Five years in the Czech Republic?

Okay, so considering I don't actually even know you, ever wanna give a little life timeline or life story on your blog? Pretty please? :)

Amy and the Mykytiuk Bunch said...

I just have one question. When and why did you ever taste a wet dog? Ha! I love your stories. And your pictures.

Dani and Greg said...

You are SO hilarious - and TVOROG!!! oh tvorog - we had a love/hate relationship...and medovoi torte?!?! Girl; we gotta travel together...minus the wet dog rice and 8 year old robbers.

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