November 2, 2009

November Challenge- Quit your Self Loathing!

Remember that I signed up for the Austin half marathon February 14?

Did that sentence just make anyone else's chest clinch up??  Yeah... me neither.

Well, I did that before school started and disrupted all of my routines.. You know, like running (or exercising at all), eating healthy, cooking, reading, praying, staying in touch with other living beings.... :( 

So now I'm 2 1/2 months into school and 2 1/2 months away from exercise.

I want to use the Hal Higdon's first time half marathon training schedule.. Which means at the latest, if I procrastinated (fancy that.. I DID procrastinate.. and quite well too), I would HAVE TO start training by mid November.

I mean.. what's the use of doing something well without the impending fear of failing looming over your head as time runs out?  Procrastination 101.. It's a sickness.

Anywho. I've managed to somehow ignore this commitment until THIS showed up in my inbox this week: 

Panic. Constricting chest.  Spasming big toe. You name it.. It's time to buckle down and get serious.

So I'm setting up a schedule here:
(What better way to use that extra hour??)

And I'm going to be serious and follow it. No more mister lazy lady... (?) And while we're at it.

Can I get a shout out from all of the "I hate the way I'm living" peeps out there?

I have to get back to eating well.

And cleaning my home.

If you are what you eat... I'm a limp Smart Ones Enchiladas Suiza, and a Skinny Cow ice cream... :(

So I'm officially making November that Month to "Get Started" doing what you really want to do!

Quit your self loathing.

Wipe the cheeto crums off of your belly.
And decide what matters to you.. and do it.


Anyone with me?

What do you wish you would do daily/weekly that's a challenge for you?


ashley said...

oh georgia, you speak truth sister! I am dying to get back to running (I have used the cold weather and a not completely well baby as my excuse) and believe that your post has now motivated me to sign up for the December 14th race. it's only a 4 miler, but it will still make me get moving.
thanks for the post and her is my encouragement for today- you don't want to be dead last, having to walk, and dragging your out of shape, limp, nearly lifeless body across the line in february. so get running.

Merissa said...

I hear ya! I worked out 3 times last week and started this week with a workout this morning! Woo-hoo, baby steps, one day at a time! And I haven't been spending money on eating out near as much! I have to ask God all day everyday for self-control.

Jackson4 said...

Hey I'm with ya! After not excercising at all after the 5k back in Sept. I finally got off my behind today and actually did a work out video. Hey, at least it was something, right? I am not, however, motivated to train for a half-marathon, but think you are totally awesome for doing it!

MarathonVal said...

I know you are going to rock the race!!! You have plenty of time. I love Hal Higdon's plan because it WORKS.

Have a great week!! :)

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