November 24, 2009


Set your ICK factors aside y'all!!

Jiggers. Not Chiggers (though similar in ways!).

A chigger is a little annoyance that you can get out in the grass here in West Texas.

Now a jigger is another story. Jiggers lay their eggs in your feet mainly and these eggs lead to more jiggers and... well, you get the picture.

When I go to the "webtools/webstats" it shows that hands down my highest "google query" to this little corner of the blog world is... You guessed it ... JIGGERS. Wha?? 

Doubt me? I'll prove it... Check this out:

I posted about jiggers mainly once. Mainly because I was at a loss. For the most part- I lived off of "Where There is No Doctor: African Village" but even their information for "jiggers" was, to put it mildly, lacking.
 But oh "Where There Is No Doctor" how I love you SO!

How was I supposed to help people from local villages when there was a huge break out?

In the end, I "found out" (and felt oh so clever) that water (for me warm water with epsolm salt) brings out the little string looking worms... Ick.

Have you ever checked out your "webstats" and been surprised by what you found?? 

**Never been to your webstats? Go to My Account (top right). Go to WebMaster Tools. 
Add your site, verify it and Voila! You have the bizarre things people WISH your blog was about. Ha! Sorry Jigger searchers..I actually have very little to offer you...**


Jen said...

Oh, and by the way, we are spending Thanksgiving in Childress at Jeremy's parents. We'll be making our way to Lubbock at some point, though.

Jen said...

That is hilarious! Yeah, those sound a little less than appealing!

Amy and the Mykytiuk Bunch said...

super gross! But why dont' I have webmaster under my account? I have web search or something like that.

Jennie said...

confused...will you email me about the webmaster tools thing? couldn't find it through google/blogger?

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