November 14, 2009

Git 'er done... Half Marathon

Am I insane?? Please... speak the truth to me, because sometimes I wonder.

This half marathon business is looming nearer and nearer.

And I, in all honesty, am the woman who has gained six pounds since school has started. I think it's part of my contract... You know that clause, the one in invisible ink: 

"I promise to lose all ability to balance my life once school begins. I will not exercise once inservice begins and I will not cook a decent meal or let one piece of fresh vegetables pass my lips."

Does anyone else have this clause in their work contracts or am I alone?



Cue Crickets and Awkward Silence....

(Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Awkward Silence: The Theme song of my life"...)

Carrying on!

Maybe it's only in my contracts... Hm... I'll have to look into that.

Either way! The Austin Half Marathon is looming very near.. February 14.. Let's all collectively gasp. Ready? *gasp*

Thanks. I needed the teamwork on that one.

I read health blogs.. You know, people who are in control of their lives and cook without gluten or eat no packaged products.. I'm obsessed perhaps... Which is REALLY ironic considering this was my breakfast: 
And lunch was this:
 That's right.. RAW. 

And I ain't kiddin'.

And reading the blogs of the amazing people I do.. I have to stop and wonder...
 What's wrong with me?  Do I have a death wish? 

Do I want to go down in history as the woman at the '10 Austin Half Marathon who rolled down the hills giggling like the Pillsbury dough boy?

So today I'm saying, "No more Cookie monster!"  

That's right.. I'm going for a jog. 

And you can't stop me.

Let the training begin!

(Somewhere.. in a far off dark office, a stock holder of Nestlee and Pillsbury just let out a great wail as they see their stock beging to tumble.. See the power my appetite wields??)


kirstin & jordan said...

I love this post on so many levels. 1- I love to eat cookies (more accurately cookie dough) for breakfast, or for lunch, or dinner.

2- I gained 5 pounds when my mom and I were training for a half marathon. She thinks it was muscle. Yeah right.

3- Just as a bit of encouragement, I think that there is definitely something to be said for the adrenaline of race day. You probably already know this, but I thought I'd tell you again. I thought I was going to die on one of our 'long runs' (10 miles) the week before, but had no problem with 13 miles on race day. Funny, right?


ps- Thanks for commenting on the kojo blog... seriously, I love it. :)

Brandon and April said...

and then when you finish your jog will you pass along to me that hershey kiss scrumptious looking cookie recipe?
mmm,hmmm. thanks.
I'll take over the cookie monster role.

Michaela said...

Now that's MY kind of breakfast... and lunch!
I have a buttermilk pie in my fridge, if you'd like to join me for dinner! ;-)
Seriously, I'm a sugar addict!

Good luck with your half marathon!! I need my motivation back at the gym, maybe some day I'll be ready for a half marathon, but right now, I can barely stick it out for 5 miles.

(Ok, for some reason it's not linking my open ID and I have to use my google account... this is dailyclick)

The Reeds said...

It's so good to feel like I'm not alone!! I sure hope I don't gain "muscle" while training for this half...

At least there are other people in the world who eat raw cookies/cookies for breakfast and lunch.. Because my husband most definitely does NOT!

Juggling Thoughts said...

Your life looks like so much fun! Seems like you really live by the moment :) I'm glad I found you!

My personal blog:

Would you like a new blog design!? I would love to work with you!

Nice to meet you!

Mike and Emily said...

Uhm, those hershey kiss things looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E.! And I also eat raw cookie dough like crazy...I actually thought about making some tonight for "cookies". And, i agree with April. I'd like to recipe for the hersheys awesomeness. As far as the training goes, it's HARD during this season it feels like. With the holidays coming up and hustle and bustle of everything i'm also struggling with my I feel your pain (or lack thereof). And the other morning I ate cookies for breakfast at work too...

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

My contract has the SAME clause only mine also says, " and I will eat any unhealthy snack left in the teacher's lounge like a donut, cookie, ice cream, or chips and dip, etc." Yours doesn't include that too? Boy are YOU lucky!

And you have PLENTY opf time to get ready for your half marathon. Heck- you cold even wait until Jan to start. Run it for me since I can't run one right now.

Karyn said...

My contract includes the same clause plus the one that Jennifer wrote. Insane! I always enjoy reading your posts! Miss you and fuzzy pooch!

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