November 23, 2009

Eat clean.. Or else!

Hellos peeps and creeps!

Just kidding. I know none of you are creeps. I just couldn't pass the rhyme up.

This past Wednesday at the end of small group I had a very unfortunate talk with a friend, which ended with me learning about the evils of aspartame (conspiracy theory or not.. it's gross!), diet coke and my beloved low fat ice creams and frozen meals... 

All of this on the tale end of a massage last week where the massage therapist was berating me for letting my back get so bad. I asked her what could lead to me getting such big knots and she said..."not enough water and lots of caffeine".. Bummer.. Bad week for EVERYTHING I love to put in my mouth!!

So here's the dealio... I know I'm not insanely healthy... Edit: I'm not very healthy at all. 

My question is: can eating healthy ( you know, staying hydrated and eating crazy things like vegetables and fruit EVERY DAY) make me feel better?

I'm kinda starting to think it might effect how I feel.

I'm not ready to go extreme.. But I am ready to try!

And if you come here often, like it or not, you're going to hear my thoughts and reflections on a "diet Coke"les life with no more low cat ice creams for an after dinner snack...

Just sayin'. 


What do you do that you feel is "healthy"?


Jen said...

Yeah, I could easily go off on a tangent here. I actually, about a month or so ago, wrote a post about artificial sweetners. I am really allergic to them so it's easy to stay away from them. Bad headaches, nausea, and sometimes even joint pain if I have them. I can't even be in the same car with someone chewing sugar free gum.

In SA there's artificial sweeteners in so many things! Including chips! It's crazy. But I always think if something has that kind of effect, it must not be good for you.

Hope it's not too hard to cut out diet coke and you start feeling better!

thedailyclick said...

Good luck! Hope you can make it work.
I prefer real sugar myself. All that fake stuff just has a weird aftertaste. Yuck!
I rarely drink soft drinks and usually stick with water (sparkling or bottled... or filtered). What do I do that's healthy? Not much! Since starting to lose weight, I've been eating yogurt for lunch. The real thing, not "light" yogurt, and I've cut out most junk foods. Pretzels for snacks (better than potato chips, right?) but I do still need my ice-cream from time to time and stick with a 3-oz. serving a day.

kristinbednarz said...

OH, Georgia. I'm so feel your pain. I'm a diet coke FREAK. And a coffee in the mornings type of girl, so I'm sure it's one of the reasons I feel so bad.

I have no advice, only to let you know, others are like you out there. So, if you need to run, RUN fast to a place that hordes the diet cokes like crazy, text me baby. I got your back.

That said, I will support your decision to try. Maybe I should too?

Brandon and April said...

one of my absolute favorite healthy things to eat is steamed squash. could eat it for every meal. no lie.

but then I'm always good to counter-balance that healthiness with a couple handfuls (yes with an added s) of cookies. nothing like a balanced diet. :)

I will say that if you want to commit to a water-only diet...have a baby. :) nursing FORCES you to drink water! of course you do have to deal with those pesky 9 months prior, but eh, it's no big deal. :)

Merissa said...

as long as your bowels are moving, your healthy (gross, huh!)

The Reeds said...

I love your comments!! What can I say, I like to suffer with company!!

I just have to remember: Drink water. Drink water. Drink water!!

Mike and Emily said...

have you tried cucumbers and lemon in your water? Mike makes fun of me because i'll have a large pitcher of water with cucumbers and lemons floating in's a great diuretic and good for the skin. Say NO to BLOAT! ha! I have a diet coke every once in a while but I agree with the bad-ness of artificial sweeteners. Have you tried stevia? I have a friend that loves that stuff! We try to be really healthy but I may or may not be known for having cookie dough sometimes...=) I did notice that when I stopped drinking diet cokes (anything with aspartame, etc) in it I didn't have headaches and could think clearer. It does this weird thing to me where I kindof feel light headed and nauseous...tmi? whatever!

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