October 16, 2009

Ten Random Things

Now I'm going to give you "Ten Random Things", because really, it's what I do best.

And besides that- Friday night at my house looks like this...

Party Animals... Fo Sho. So let's get started on something else... Our random things.
1. Low Cal Ice Cream treats are addicting.
2. I went for many years without a t.v.
3. I now loOve my t.v. (Sob).
4. Kashi pizzas are good.
5. I don't cook much during school.
6. School.... Sucks.... Away... Personal... Life....
7.  P... Point of View on PBS is Powerful.  We watched an excellent segment on BRCA or the breast cancer gene.. I'm always in tears. Always smarter than I was before. Always impassioned to make a change. Thank you again PBS!
8. Fall is beautiful. 
9. I am actually wishing I had a point and shoot now.. I can't carry my Canon easily around and get easy pics of everything...
10. And finally- I'm going to Mama Mia tomorrow with a friend!

Random Facts.. Random. Random. Random.

Let us all join hands and rejoice that the weekend is here...  :) 

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