September 5, 2009

Let it roll...

I know, I know.. School starts and it's all I can write about. Believe you me, it's all I can think about too.

With the seniors we're working on college application essays. This week we were working on what we believe and question. What are the core values of each of us?

This was a challenging task for most students.

Actually.. It's a challenging task for all of us. How often do we let these thoughts roll around in our heads and hearts? 

I've been thinking about it.

Letting it roll around in my head. 

What do I believe and what do I question?

I believe that where there is Christ, there is freedom.   I believe that outside of Christ my life is worthless and wasted. I believe that his word never returns void.

I believe we should strive to protect the innocent, and that each should strive to make the world a better place. 

I question why I'm blessed while others suffer. I question my own ability to ever please God. 

Interesting to think about....  What do you believe and what do you question? Let it roll.

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Jennie said...

I believe Christ is every person’s only Hope and that His Love looks much different than what is normally defined by the church. I believe that Grace has saved me and Mercy gives me breathe and life. I believe in the dignity of every soul, for each is made in the image of Almighty God.

I question my worth outside of accomplishment and worldly success. I question why peanut butter must be so darn fatified. I question how to live in two worlds simultaneously and still be relevant.

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