September 19, 2009


The actual term is "hermeneutics", which technically means the interpretation of literature, especially the Bible. 

It's confusing and a deep windy tunnel we shan't venture down. 

So why do I bring it up? Because how we interpret the Bible is especially important as we share it with others, in another language, who have never heard of its precepts and truths before.

Jacob really ponders this a lot.

Then the other night, he had been silent for along time. 
 I found him here:
In our bathroom!
He had finally mapped out all that had been floating around in his head.. Ideas and beliefs solidified on our bathroom mirror.
My first thought was of course: I have to capture this on film! But my second thought was: I love the way this man thinks! He's always about kingdom work, and the logistics of it all. I'm more of a "vision" person, but he is a detail man.So then what you may ask?

After a few days of admiring these beautiful thoughts solidified (and me worrying I may overfog and ruin these revelations) action was taken.
In the end, he copied his solidified version of hermeneutics and how to interpret the Bible for ourselves and other world views, so that he can share it with other mission minded and curious people. 

Yay! :)


abbybigsam said...

So what did he do when he was done? Copy it onto paper? Erase the mirror? What, What??

Jen said...

That is awesome! We were just talking about hermenautics (I don't think I spelled that right) the other day!

Merissa said...

I always think of one of my religion professors from Wayland when I hear that word- and I can't remember his name at the moment. But the way he said it was super funny- I bet Jacob would know who I'm talking about.

You guys fit together so well! I love how God puts together the perfect marriage combo! It is way awesome and totally an act of God!

Mike and Emily said...

Your hubby and my hubby would get along very well....

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