September 1, 2009

Checking in!

Check, Check, Check! Yay!

Snapshot into my room.. me and 24 10th graders towards the end of the day. 

Setting: tenth grade english. After lunch... Sugar comas have been induced. Warm room. Stifling. Dead silence and dead stares. 


20 minutes of notes and dead stares... Teacher reaches end of sanity.

Curtain raises.

Me: Your "voice" is really important in your writing! I want to hear your voice! (Teacher erupts into insane operatta (word?). Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)
Students: stunned silence.
Teacher stares awkwardly back. Uncomfortable silence.

One brave student: stifled giggle.
Teacher: Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (with jazz hands this time).
Three brave students: hesitant laughter.
Me: EVERYONE! (as I realize the expanse of my power).
Entire Tenth grade class: "MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Ahh... My job is done. 


Brandon and April said...

can I please go back through high school for the sole purpose of having you as an english teacher?


The only thing I remember from HS english is that Enya is really relaxing. (teacher let us listen to Enya while reading......snore.....)

Anonymous said...

You, my dear friend, are an amazing teacher. I wish I had you as a teacher just once! Reading this makes me laugh myself into a coughing fit. I can't imagine witnessing it in your class.
They are so lucky to have you...they don't even know.

Merissa said...

It seems like you and I have the same kind of teaching style- a little craziness mixed in among the teaching! I loved those moments- it made me feel like I connected with them even if it was on some sort of crazy awkward level! :)

Mike and Emily said...

That is fabulous!!! I think I was "living in that moment" with you! You're awesome, Georgia.

Jackson4 said...

At the risk of being boring...I would also like to say that I wish I could take your class! They may not know it now, but they are going to look back on their high school days and remember you as an awesome teacher (that or the weird freaky teacher they'll always run from...haha just kidding!)

Micah and Colby Malouf said...

Sometimes ya just need a little opera in the classroom to keep it funky fresh...I like it!

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