August 11, 2009

Random and R.O.M.

We found out that the Dead Sea Scrolls were on display for a short time at the Royal Ontario Museum (R.O.M.). We were so excited to get to see these!

I was thrilled to find out there were certain parts of the museum we could take pictures of.  We couldn't take pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls... But we did get pictures 
of the Book of the Dead.. A little creepy frankly, with all of its "spells" and all.
 But I love the walk through history of a museum. The ROM rocked!

I learned that the Egyptians felt that the dead needed items for their afte
r life. They were buried with "little people" to work for them, protect them, row ships or even work fields in the afterlife. They were even buried with "headrests" or pillows- much like the Karamajong used in Africa. I HAD to get a picture of these!

Evidence of our nerd factor really shines in this post. :)
Notice the genuine excitement?I loved this little guy! He looked like he's lunging forward aggressively and saying "Whadda' YOU doin'?!" "You wanna piece of ME?!"
 Too funny!
There's an OLD 80's movie ("Take that?" maybe?)  that I dare quote where they have a "Dance off" in the street. This little dude looks like a freeze frame from that.

Can you find us in the above picture? Hint: We look tiny!
No explanation for that one!

Little helpers for the "other side".

Book of the Dead.

There was this type of random thing.. VERY interesting.
We took a train into Toronto and got to really enjoy the day. Great weather with only a bit of rain fall (or torrential depending on your view). What a great way to end the trip!

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