August 22, 2009


Hi. I'm positive.

Very, very, very positive. And I plan on being positive ALL YEAR LONG. I'm very hopeful. See? All positive.

I think it is a great idea to say what you're thankful for. So... Being positive and all- here I go.

I am so thankful for:
1. A job. Seriously thankful.
2. Not having to teach my first year in the United State E.V.E.R. A.G.A.I.N. 
3. for the informative and awesome AP conference I went to this summer.
4. For internet.
5. For Love it more'n my luggage.
6. For a gym. I will miss it if/when we return to Africa.
7. For a church we love and a small group. I will miss this immensely too.
8. I'm thankful to be back on a schedule.... Not that I would ever be the type of person who could possibly waste a day away sleeping in, then watching tv. and eating doritos- while simultaneously reading blogs in her pajamas.. What kind of a loser would do that? I mean... That's positively NOT me. 

Keepin' it positive.

I will NOT list things I'm not thankful for... Because that would be negative. And I can't even believe you would ask me to do that?? Remember?  I'm positive. Geeze.. 

Thanks for the support. Your wonderful, encouraging support in me being positive.

Very, very, very positive.

Much love homies.


Brandon and April said...

no lie...I soooooo thought the first sentence of this blog was going to be something about a positive pregnancy test. that's a blog to come though right?

congrats on being so positive in other respects! :)

Jackson4 said...

Oh Georgia, you're such a positive influence!! :) Keep it up and I may just start being positive myself. I definately wouldn't be the type of loser to waste the day away sleeping in, watching tv, or playing on the internet either (errr...would I? oh wait, positive, so I'll stop right there. SEE you've already had an effect on me!!)

ashley said...

while I enjoyed the post, I must say that at first glance I expected to see a pic with two pink lines... but here's to being positive and all

Merissa said...

Well...I hope you have a positively wonderful school year!

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