July 6, 2009


is whole another language. But it's fun to play with. 

In thinking of art for our walls I figure- why not play with our own? Thanks photoshop. We'll see what the outcome is down the road.


Jen said...

Is is a whole other language! But it's also fun to play around with. Have fun!

Lindsey said...

Hi! You found my blog and so I came to yours back. Actually, I subscribed a few weeks ago. :) And I saw you comment on Carla's blog, so now I know the connection. She's pretty awesome, huh. :)

Those two pictures look pretty awesome.

I enjoy your posts!

MarathonVal said...

Hmm I'm intrigued. I'm not techy, but maybe I'll give Photoshop a try myself. Have a great week!

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