July 1, 2009


PBS does a heart good. Thank you Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Some days I want to write something witty. Some days I care what people think. And then there are days like today.

Jacob and I watched a show tonight on PBS called WIDE ANGLE. Wide Angle was started in 2001 to help engage and inform the American public about issues that are rarely covered and human rights. This particular show was about North Koreans defecting and the battle they go through to reach freedom. It was beyond touching and moving in every way. I was in tears and had baited breath.

Can it be that I have been worried about wall colors and having my home look a certain way? Who am I?

When I was 12 I saw Gorilla's in the Mist. I cried for hours and then sat in long periods of silence contemplating what it all means... Cruelty, humanity and kindness. For me, it was a moving and pivotal time, around which God had also been drawing me near to Him and breaking down many barriers I had in my heart. Helping me to realize that faith in man or world is not the answer- but only faith in Him. This world is heartbreaking. This world is hopeless. He alone is hope. He alone is good. In Him we have meaning and purpose. I began to look forward and out and never to look back the same way again. In a way, a movie about Gorillas and a woman pouring her life out for something she believed in, changed me.

I highly recommend this series. It moved me in such a way as that. Moved me to be poured out. Reminding me that when I'm not being poured, I am stagnating. And He doesn't call us to that.

I think of my friends in Prague, those who had come as Messengers from far eastern homes and suffered alone in such tangible ways to share. Suffering to share. And they get no glory. They have no larger worldly support system. But they are heros of the faith.

Though not the focus of this story, there were heroes in the background. Making underground operations occur. Heroes we have been called to lift up constantly. Brothers we should not be forgetting. Sisters we are called to pray for.

If only I prayed more for them than caring for vanity.

Thank you Public Broadcasting System for making a tv actually worth having and for reminding me of what matters.

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Jennie said...

thanks for sharing your heart!!!

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