June 1, 2009


I saw this quote over at Erin Vey's blog "Bark" and had to share it:

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” - Benjamin Franklin

How true is that? Positive thinking, and intentional living make a huge difference in how this screen play of our lives carries out.  We are not the final director, but we get to choose how we deliver our lines, and how much heart we put into each scene.

Speaking of choices, yesterday the service was about Jeremiah. Jeremiah is one of those books I have a personal love for that is bewildering. It is a book that is cyclically about a horrendous and hideous people disappointing their God (who continually courts them), worshipping idols, and throwing true love and honor away. More importantly, to me, it is about a God who is righteous and unwavering, yet who pursues and is full of mercy and grace... The first time I read it straight through I was working on Rec Team at a camp called Leuders Avoca (say that 5 times fast)... And I remember my heart being broken...

It was undeniable proof (though I had heard it thousand of times elsewhere), that I cannot run far "enough" away from God where his grace does not abound.  It gave me such hope and peace. I felt like I was so damaged before I ever even knew God that whereas I would be able to love him, he should never have to love me. (Yes.. I know it's twisted, just bear with me.) So Jeremiah holds a special place in my heart, right next to David, man after God's own heart, who made so many horrible choices but made the greatest choice of always humbling himself back at God's throne... God apparently loves that... he knows we're prone to wonder, but he values the heart that is willing to come back.... Thank God. Do you think it's safe to say that God values humility over perfection? That should free us up some...

And boy do I thank him for that. Because among sinners haven't I been the chief? There are so few redeemable qualities about me, but in knowing Him I am able to have so many.. Through him alone. 

The thing that touched me yesterday was the reminder that God called prophets, like Jeremiah and Isaiah to speak His Word to a defiant and entitled people. These prophets were obedient (weren't they "sawn in two?") unto ridicule and death yet saw almost no "fruit".

The good reminder for me was this: They were called to share God's message, even if God knew that no one would accept it. That was not for them to question. In a modern world they would have felt "unfulfilled" and "wasted". But we cannot judge with our eyes the worth of our actions. Obedience is worth more than we can perhaps grasp.

So even unto death, we have been called to share His Word.... And there may be none that believe... but that doesn't mean that our hours and years are spent in vain, or that we were misguided in the going.

What an encouragement, from a God who knows infinitely more and loves infinitely beyond our comprehension. I'm so glad his love covers our transgressions. Aren't you?

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