June 6, 2009

Off the Wagon?

Oh dear... oh dear...

I knew when I heard about this new cake place I was a gonner. I have such a sweet tooth. "Mlsam" in Czech right girls? Yep... Mlsam all the way! So.... I guess this is a pretty high point day as far as weight watchers goes... but boy was it a nice Saturday!!

We were so relaxed today. We both slept in. Then we slipped on our sandals and scooted down to this new cake joint called "Cake" sandwiched between Ann Taylor and Coldwater Creek and other stores we could never afford to shop at and would look out of place in.

We got 4 cupcakes...Mmmmmmm. We tried the sample "Elvis", which was banana cupcake with whipped peanut butter icing with.... bacon shavings on top... And.... it was good.. What can I say?

We ordered these beauties:

Red Velvet, Diner (vanilla with chocolate icing), Birthday (with mint filling..ohh la la), and Orange Cream with raspberry filling... Oh dear.. Oh dear oh dear.. When I fall I fall hard.
We went to Starbucks and spent entirley too much on coffee, and looked at french presses we could never afford, then we moseyed home to have cupcakes for lunch..
It has been a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we realized... What makes this weekend so lovely? What makes this Saturday so divine?? We're CHILDLESS!!!! MWA-HAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if your'e in Lubbock- mosey on over to "CAKE" and eat some divine cupcakes.. Like lime margarita or triple chocolate.. Oh dear... But pair them with skim milk only dears.... It's the least you can do. :)

Now I'm off for my HALF PRICE lovely 60 minute Swedish massage at Rub me the Right Way (and do they ever!) And let me tell ya folks, I've had my fair share of massages.... And this place is SUPER. Half Price with an intern.. Yee-HAW!
Ps. I'm thinking this could be our new profile pic.. The other is from when we were dating.. What do you think??


Jennie said...

I love that pic, definitely should be your new profile! And I'm very jealous of your cupcakes...now did you eat all of them or save some for today too? We went to Rwenzori cafe yesterday & now its called Good African cafe...things are just a bit different around here, just the little things I guess! Miss you!

Mike and Emily said...

From a fellow runner/blogger to another...this post was great! Those little indulgences are fantabulouso!!!

Kerre said...

hey! if you ever get serious about a coffee press let me know... there are perks to living with a Starbucks barista! (we get groovy discounts) Waking up at 4:00 am to get him to work on time is not one of them!

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