June 9, 2009

Mother of all miscalculations

I'm on day two of working through the Bible. Day one- Genesis 1-4, Day two- Genesis 5-8. Whippee!! 

And.. I'm really enjoying Darfur: A Short History of a Long War by Julie Flint and Alex de Waal.

 I do not, however, recommend it thus far. I'm reading it, and learning, but I'm pretty much lost.

 It's not one I will read again, but I will finish it.  

It throws such fun vocabulary at you as: cadres, Caliphates, panoply, and volte-face (which I will address in a moment), and then turns and has statements like: 

 "Darfurians were no longer being treated like hicks from the sticks, with contempt" (Flint and Waal 19).  
"Turabi's gamble on an Iraqi victory in August 1990 was the mother of all miscalculations" (28). 

Isn't that hilarious(not in context of course...)? I think I will throw that last one into daily conversations.. As in.. "That Lindt candy bar was the mother of all miscalculations in my quest for a good night's rest".. Ha! Might I suggest you wow your neighbors and do the same?

This book has thrown some words at me that I'm not ashamed to say have made me run to dictionary.com, either for a full-on explanation, clarification or simply for pronunciation. Oh how I love you dictionary.com....

Here are some whoppers that had me running. If you know them, then this is your chance to glory in your higher IQ than me.. I suggest you begin gloating now...

If not- then join me in a moment of learning!!
  1. suzerainty- the position or authority of a suzerain (real clear now... Ha). Suzerain- a feudal overlord.
  2. polity- a particular form or style of government
  3. lingua franca- any language that is widely used as a means of communication among speakers of other languages.
  4. New Caliphate- the rank, jurisdiction or government of a caliph (again.. so clear!). Caliph- spiritual leader of Islam.
  5. putchists- I need help on this one!! anyone?
  6. moribund- In a dying state, near death.
  7. aggrandizement- to widen in size.
  8. cadres- A cell of trained and devoted workers.
  9. panoply- A wide-ranging and impressive array or display.
  10. penury- Extreme poverty; destitution. 
  11. volte-face- (volt-fahs) A turnabout, esp. a reversal of opinion or policy.
Now wasn't that fun? If you enjoyed that then I'm willing to bet you watched Reading Rainbow as a child... Am I right??!

*Interesting point: Fur is a clan/people group- Dar means "home of"... Hence.. Darfur.. Interesting!

*Interesting point #2: Abbala- camel people vs. Jean's ngakaramajong name "Nakaala"= Camel Woman (very loosely translated in Georgonics)... I find that fascinating!

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Mike and Emily said...

Some of favorite books i've read recently include: MOuntains beyond mountains (LOVE LOVE LOVE this!), AIDS and accusations, Three Cups of Tea (LOVE this!), Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, The One minute Manager Meets the Monkeys...I LOVE to read. SO, thanks for the reading list blog. Keep em coming! You may really like the Three Cups of Tea and the Microsoft books since you're a teacher.

The Reeds said...

Great Recommendations! Thanks. I will be looking into these... Our house was cleaner when i was working- because right now.. I'm spending all of my time sitting at Starbucks with a book!

kristinbednarz said...

I love you, Georgia. Seriously, you are the "cream in my coffee" or something like that. Totally cracked me up today with this post and many others, and just thought you needed to know. I'm sitting in Vegas waiting on an airplane, trying to get home after visiting my Granny for what may be the last time in our lives, and I so needed a laugh. You gave it. :)

Okay, reading material, I'm currently reading "Eat Love Pray" by Elizabeth Gilbert and "Angels in the ER" by Robert D. Leslie, MD.

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