June 11, 2009

Beautiful Things

This beautiful photo was taken by Jakob S. in Kidepo.
 I love it. I have it hanging in our guest bedroom.. Did you know that Jakob?? It's true... I want to encourage you guys to go over and look at his gorgeous images.

This week I'm going to try and do this Photography challenge fun...  Anyone care to join?
It's the next to last day to possibly win something sub-wonderful! Jump don't crawl on down there and make a contribution!

Today I leave you with a random pic I've probably shared here before.. But how I love it..  
Chai at the Gately in Jinja, Uganda was UTOPIA for us.. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful and unbothered... We would show up and sit for hours over chais, sprites and lunch... 

Today's Bible reading: Genesis 13-17. 
I'm thinking a fun question for everyone to post may be... "What's in your Bible?!".. I always end up collecting  a random array of semi- meaningful things that bulk up my Bible... What do you think? We can post pictures of those random gum wrappers you've kept for years as book markers.. Ohh.. thrillling!!!!!

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