March 11, 2009

That realllllyy hurrrts!

This time change is quite the adaptation.

This morning Hung and I pulled up to the school when it was still pitch black out. A cold front came in so I was planning out how to get from my car to the school as quickly as possible.

Hung sleeps on the way to school. And the way home... And anywhere in between actually. When we get to school I normally have to wait as he wakes up, stretches like a cat, then slowly moves to the backseat to get his things.. All while I stand fidgeting and holding 5 precariously overstuffed green shopping bags. (see, half of my teaching actually includes moving papers back and forth and never doing anything to them in between.)

So anyway, today I tell him to wake up and try to go quickly.. The cold front prompted me. I'm not evil I promise.

I'm at the trunk gathering my stuff as I hear the door finally close. Then silence. Then, " Ow! That reaalllyyyy hurrrrrrttsss!"

I ran around the side of the car to see Hung grimacing and looking shocked all at once. Then he opened the door that still had his THUMB closed inside.. It was like slow-mo. The amazing thing is that he shouted out in English. And that there was this huge delay between! I think he was still asleep....

It was pretty surreal and funny all at once.. Though I'm going to wait to point out the funny part until his nail has a chance to fall out and grow back.



Jennie said...

that's really funny! thanks for the laugh...sorry its at the expense of Hung's thumb...

Laura said...

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog a while back and leaving a comment.
I've enjoyed reading thru your blog.
A couple questions: have you seen the documentary, War Dance, set in northern Uganda? What'd you think of it? And, who's Hung if I might ask?
I know in one post you said you're ready for the first year back to be over. I am praying about how much longer I will be here - care to share any thoughts on how your readjustment has been?
have a lovely week!

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