March 18, 2009

Mucho Fun-o, Micah

Happy Birthday Micah!

We went out to Abuelo's and had a great girl's night. My favorite part of the night was when the waiter was describing an order to me and I really didn't understand his point.

Me: I don't get what you're saying.

Waiter: Well, "MUCHO" in Spanish, means M-O-R-E.

Me: Oh.. Thank you. I guess I get it now...

Ha! As though I didn't get the "MUCHO" part. At least he was thorough...

Just FYI, in these parts, there are typically no other language options in small schools than Spanish. So there is a very very slim chance that I could get by living here and not know what MUCHO means.. I mean.. Who doesn't know that?! It was comical to me.

There were pictures that were actually in focus- but I loved these fuzzy ones!
We played some fun games and heard some wild ER stories from Sarah. I think we all learned a lot... Every time I play this game I think of Brandi in Fort Portal.... I think someone loves the camera as much as I do. Pose much? Check out those moves! Who cares that it's blurry right?! This spring break Bonnie and I have broken through our fears and have gone to not one, but THREE aerobics classes. Classes that include dance moves like, the cumbia, the actual choreography to "Single Ladies" AND "Thriller".. We be jammin'. I think the moves are seeping into her every day life.
Go Bonnie! Go Bonnie- Go!

A very Happy Birthday to you Micah! You look and are awesome.

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Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

i made the bloo-oog, i made the bloo-oog. i soon as i saw the picture of the apples game i thought awww, we played that with them, and then i read it and said awww, she remembered. miss you guys. still waiting on you to respond to my emails...... :(

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