March 3, 2009


I was going to post pictures of March this time last year. However, my laptop is not connecting to the laptop so I'm on my school computer. It was still a fun march down memory lane.. Looking at those pictures I cannot believe it's been a year. I thought time was supposed to go by faster when you're older? This year "flew" by but has lasted f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I'm ready for the "first year back" to be over.. So ready.  

Last year at this time I have pictures with Amber in Kaabong over at Lomusian school. I can't believe you guys have been in the big kb for over a year.. One long year. And pictures with Jennie and Tracey, Jakob and others. I can't believe how much time has slowly crept by.. Painfully really. 

Today I will share a short rant about facebook. I hate facebook and myspace. Blogging is my poison. I get on myspace and facebook about once a week to appease friends that are on there only. I wonder sometimes why I even get on. I do nothing. Occasionally poke a friend or two I love dearly and would rather talk to on the phone. I also personally try to avoid Starbucks and the Mall. So basically, I'm purposefully not into whatever people are into.... Am I just difficult or what? 

Today we had testing at school. I proctored. One student finished his test and proceeded to empty his bag of pretzels on to his desk, break them with his teeth, and spell out, "I Love U Mrs. Reed" in pretzels on his desk. He said he ran out of pretzels or he would have added "A LOT". I honestly told him that I had never seen anything like that before. It's funny since I feel like I get on to them all the time.. No.. scratch that.. I DO get on to them all the time, have the sniffles, wear dresses down to my ankles, have a broken toe (currently limping), and always wear my  hair in a teacher bun.. That's some funny love I tell ya.

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