February 16, 2009

Twenty Five

1. Today is a holiday. It' s amazing how good not having to be somewhere can feel.
2. I sat and drank tea at a friend's house over two hours away from home.. Tea tastes better in someone else's home.
3. I bought a thermos so I can drink potentially good tasting tea in my classroom, trying to harness that good feeling at work.
4. I felt incredibly guilty that I wasted money on a thermos, and frustrated that I can't find the alarm clock I want in person.
5 Light wakes me up. I want an alarm clock that slowly turns a light on with nature sounds. I also want a camera and a candle melter. Greedy, greedy.
6. It's cloudy here today. I think I've heard before that February is one of the most depressing months of the year. Happy Valentine's Day. Ha.
7. I do not miss cloudy days in Prague and missing the sun.
I do miss public transportation and cool cafes.
8. I despise ordering a chai or latte and getting some awful thing that someone thought up and not wanting to drink what I just wasted money buying. 
9.  When I worked at the first coffee shop I ever worked at, I had never made a cup of coffee and worked there for over a month before I had to ask.
10. My least favorite things to make there were ice cream coffee drinks. What a mess...  I almost gave up ice cream.
11. While in college I broke a molar on popcorn and refuse to eat it still.
12. I wish I could break a molar on chocolate, bread and cheese and be done with my cravings for good.
13. Exercise is like prayer and Bible reading. It feels so good to do it but you have to be disciplined to make yourself do it....
14. I'm starting to read the Bible through again. I prefer reading it straight through rather than jumping around. That being said, I'm starting in Psalms.
15. I love anything David wrote.
16. Absalom! Absalom! Was by far, in my opinion, the worst book I've ever read.. I would rather run a marathon than read it again.
17. I've always wanted to run a marathon but have issues (see #13).
18.  I'm still only in my 20's on collecting marbles for a new pair of shoes. Which half has to do with me sticking to my guns to get 50 before I can buy new duds, and half has to do with the fact that I feel guilty for wasting money.
19. Buying chais is wasting money.
20. I love the way chais remind me of pumpkin pie.
21. Once in college we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. It was a revelation to me and I ate them whole, hurt later, and refuse to eat pumpkin seeds ever again....
22. I once served a woman steaming pot pouri at an open house because it was on the stove in a kettle.... I felt so smart at 15 but apparently was missing some marbles (back to the marbles...).
23.  I wouldn't enter our home in an open house because our paisley couch is shocking and clashes with our bright toile wall.
24. Toile is a word I cannot remember how to spell and I love to google and wikipedia words I don't know.
25. I'm a blogger and love it despite myself...

If you're actually following this blog through this time then I tip my hat to you and apologize all at the same time. This has been a dark time for me and quite the trip through a valley. Know that good things should be in store as things get easier and living at home becomes normal.  Some day.


Jennie said...

I love you & love hearing these random thoughts. Just wanted you to know that! I owe you a call soon...when's good?

Jennifer Mykytiuk said...

I buy the packages of chai tea and drink it at work eveyday! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside even when my room feels cold and unfriendly.

Brandon and April said...

i'm not very good at reading books all the way through. but if you wrote a book full of random Georgia thoughts, I would definitely read it all the way through. you make my sides hurt from laughing. :)

The Reeds said...

Fun! Thanks girls!

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