February 20, 2009

Sad Confession Friday

Lots of bloggers have special days.

Thankful Thursdays.

Fashion Fridays etc.

So here's Sad Confession Friday.

I often wonder who I am. Not in that "deep" kind of way but in that "no-seriously- who-the-heck-am-I-to-other-peeps" kind of way.

Am I that teacher with an eternal wedgie? (can you blog that word? Did I just lose half of my audience?) The woman with dragon breath? 

The other day I was doing a powerpoint over Macbeth and there was an introductory picture of the bard.

One ever so kind and tactful student kindly pointed out at high volume that Shakespeare could be my brother.

Harkening back to my terror filled childhood of lovely terms of endearment like, "basketball head", and "Heed! Pants! Now!" (From So I Married an Axe Murderer in case you're lost)... I like to think this has something to do with my aversion to basketball....


I wonder if I will be remembered as THAT woman. You know...

              "Remember our English teacher?"
"Oh, you mean the one with the impossibly large noggin?" 
             "Yea! Her!"

I was giving a student the evil eye the other day. You know, that mean teacher look we education students practiced on each other late nights at the Kettle- staring each other down, thinking mean thoughts and trying not to squirt coffee through our nostrils... Well, I was giving a kid this stare thinking that he was trying to sneak Skittles on my turf and my time... I was impressively hooking my laptop up to a projector simultaneously, with an entire class of seniors watching, as I evil-eyed this perpetrator. Then this one normally uninterested and VERY unparticipatory student (word? whatever.) stood up and impersonated me...

Shoulders back in a stiff Anne of Green Gables kind of way. Fake computer carefully poised as he strutted and stared. Dang was he good!

You know what? 

I know it was rude.

I know I should have gotten on to him.

But it was SOOO funny!  He was dead on!

I died laughing with everyone (including the Skittle perp), and had to hold back from going- My turn! My turn! (Because that would be SO uncalled for... Right?... Right?).

And might I say, if his impersonation is any indication, my evil eye is rockin'!

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