February 23, 2009

Kitchen window

I love windows. I think I would be satisfied to live in a house of glass(with perhaps a very tall fence). I guess I love all that natural light.

This is what's on our kitchen window. Rosemary, elk, and a candle. The curtain was left by the previous owners. Thank you kind previous owners.

As we went on our walk I was permited to window peek.. I mean, huge open windows with lights on inside... Permit is a correct term here right? Anyway, let's say I accidentally saw in a house or two. Let's say Jacob and I maybe oo'ed and aw'ed at a few cool fireplaces etc. Then we rounded the corner and our door was open wide, lights on inside, and there on display was a huge red swivel chair (clawed around the bottom by a frustrated mystery feline) that my mom got at a garage sale this summer for $5 to try and help us fill space in our home. In said chair, was a white crocheted pillow with crocheted green vines and a huge BRIGHT RED crocheted flower circa 1985 in any retirees home. Compliments of my Nenie.. I said, "Oh no! Look what people peep...er... I mean... see when they pass our house!" Jacob said, "That's right. They see a beautiful combination of things from all over combined in love- like us."

Maybe you had to be there..

it was sweet.

And true.

1 comment:

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

glad to see y'all are still barf-ing-ly lovey-dovey. we still call to each other in your honor...'love...yes lover'

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