February 22, 2009


You'll remember this creepy guy in our fireplace... Well tonight we lit up a fire...
It's so romantic and wonderful! You simply have to block out the hubby saying things like, "Watch the devil burrrrrnnnnnnn....." Other than that, it's perfection.

We're also watching Fireproof. Fitting, no?


Merissa said...

I don't know if you go back and look at comments on earlier posts so I'm just gonna put them here!
*Fireproof was better than I had expected! And your fireplace is nice but the devil does scare me!
*I think it's great that you are a poser! I'm too scared to even get into the picture at all!
*We have that willow tree angel on our dresser too and also the one "together".
*pink hair- i would have totally freaked about the color and the uneven cut later on!
*and thanks for the e-mail, no you are not evil (or are you, b/c you do have the devil in your fireplace)

Anonymous said...

miss you.

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