February 21, 2009

Electric *clap*clap* Hot!

So, one time in Prague I got brave and wanted to add a little color to my hair. Which, if you know me, you know I never do.

So I went to the local Salon around the corner. I tried, in broken Czech, to ask for maybe some little highlights and lowlights in a red tone... The salon artist (?) showed me swatches and there was a color that appeared appealing and matched the highlight.. 

I said okay... and walked out with... HOT PINK chunks of hair! 

One of my colleagues (Hi Joe!) had been a hairstylist in London for a very long time before coming mainland. When he saw my shining and perhaps even neon glowing mane and inspected it, he confidently and politely declared it "terracotta"(see above). 

Which really, I have to say, is a little too toned down.. I mean it was "HOT" pink surrounded by shocks of highlights...

So I'm cruising down the high school hallway to my classroom when a senior boy says, "Nice hair Miss Williams. Artistic!"

Hmmm.... Not sure how to take that one.

Another time I thought I would branch out (actually before the "Electric HOT" exeperience) so I went to a mall in Prague to the equivalent of a "Procuts". I have to say, my Czech wasn't that shabby, but when people heard my accent they assumed they couldn't understand me and would speak back in rea-eallly broken English... I wanted to go pretty short- up to my jaw. I pointed at a big poster behind the chair I was in of a model with her head tilted and chin length locks. I said, "like this, exactly like this!"

The hair artist said, "Really?" in total disbelief.

"Yes!" I assured her, as we had been talking in broken circles for entirely too long already.

She proceeded to cut my hair... And I ended up looking just like the huge model head with her head tilted... only my head wasn't tilted!

And, on one side my extremely parted-hair barely met my ear lobe.. 
and on the other side.... 
it extended to my jaw.... 


But the most shocking part is that I left it that way!!! 

After I told this story to a few people they always asked (understandably), "Did you get it evened out?" 

And only then did I realize that that would have made sense! What is wrong with me?

Instead, being me, I left it just as it was... 

And felt very European.

And funky

And, dare I say?


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Anonymous said...

Do you have pictures???


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