February 21, 2009

Blog Frenzy and Real Life

I go through deserts of blogging and then torrential downpours.
This is a downpour. Get out your umbrellas and gum boots...

Some pictures of our real life up to now.

Tonight was a date night. We went to Red Lobster and split a platter.
We're both cheap and indulgent like that.

Then we did what all romantic daters do. We went to PetSmart and splurged on our baby. A sliding glass door pet door. We installed it and Jacob was kind enough to test if a burglar could in fact fit through.Happy to report that no, a burglar will not be getting in that way.

Then Daisy found him. Licking and squealing ensued.

More random photos of our life...

What's on our dresser.

Check out our newest edition! A piano from Jacob's parents! How awesome is that?? This was his mom's beautiful piano from when she was a girl. What a precious gift!

And randomly, our hutch in the dining room. We think it's pretty. (maybe by we I mean me...)


Anonymous said...

I hope Daisy enjoys the pet door!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope Daisy enjoys the pet door!!!


Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

i see the african wedding bowl!!! it made it! you're telling me you will buy a pet door but not a camera!!!!!

Danielle Whitfill said...

I love reading your blog. Your "date night" story reminded me of the time Jonathan and I split a platter at Long John Silver's - drink, too! Funny.

Jennie said...

love these pics - feels like I'm visiting your home! Did I mention that I'm so glad I know you & that you're my friend? Well, its true.

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