February 14, 2009

A blog a day

I've seen many people manage this but have never felt up to the challenge. I feel that I have nothing to say. Trying on the new fit of an old home isn't all fun and games. Soon we'll have been gone from Africa for a year (okay..in about 4 months but still). We've been in our home for 8 months. Things are panning out fine. But still there are a lot of adjustments. I miss Africa, I miss Prague, and I miss beautiful friends we've left behind along the way. 

So in an effort to blog more, regardless of how boring and "funky" I feel, I'm going to take this little challenge.

I'll start with six random facts about me:

1. I'll order anything with spinach and lime in it (separately).
2. I'm shamelessly in love with Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark. They're my total escape when life allows.
3.  I always read magazines and newspapers from back to front. It's the only way.
4. Taking pictures makes me feel good... and I REALLY want to invest in a new camera.
5.  I love 80's music.
6.  I can't drink caffeine after 3 pm or I'll be sorry.
Bonus number 7- I want to travel the world...

Happy Trails.

1 comment:

Brandon and April said...

#8. You have the most red dots on any clustr map I've ever seen. congrats!
will you go to S. America and look at our blog so we at least have one dot on that continent?

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