January 10, 2009

Marbles and Mud

I got this grand idea that I would part a marble in a jar each time I worked out... err.. even walked.. I figured when I got 50 marbles I would treat myself, to a hard earned massage or new shoes.

I NEVER thought they would take so long to accumulate! I started over Thanksgiving and currently have 20 marbles. It's really helped me see how much I don't exercise (because I've tried to be consctientious and kick it up a notch or three. Imagine what it was before!).  But I won't be deterred.

Even though a massage sounds wonderful, I'm still running in the shoes I took to Africa. They've pushed a MedAir vehicle stuck in mud (fun memory Trace!), and been hiking and caught in flash floods in Karamoja (Michelle and Veronika- a fun or not so fun memory?!). Either way- they're crusty and past their good days. It's time for us to part...

30 more marbles to go. And counting. New shoes never looked so good to me.

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