January 24, 2009

Kids say the darndest things..

First off, how in the world do you spell "darndest"? Is that a word? As usual, I digress, and much too quickly to hold an audience.. The digression has digressed.... I'll move on.

The school I'm teaching at now has high participation in ag.. or agriculture activities.

The other day a number of athletes were absent from class. When I took roll and asked if anyone knew why one student was absent, the other students said, and I quote, "He's washing his pig".

Now THAT's something you don't hear everyday.
"He's washing his pig..." Hmmm......

Mind you, the fact that the students are athletes had nothing to do with the fact that they were washing their pigs... But they are gone a lot for sporting events... And am I digressing yet AGAIN?

While teaching, I looked out at one point during the day when there was a large stock show going on, and saw a pig running across the church parking lot across the street (with a man in hot pursuit).

I mean really.....

And here's a random picture for the day becuase I hate posting without a picture.. And as we all know (becuase I know you're all SO interested (note the sarcasm)) my camera is on the blink.. or brink.... Am I becoming illiterate?
My camera is fried. Here's a mini pig to help you visualize the pig trotting across the church parking lot as I tried to teach Lord of the Flies.. creepy irony, no?


jarcarhar said...

SO funny! I had a kid come to a lesson last week and ask if he could use my hand sanitizer...he had just stuck his thumb up a sheep's behind to hold it still while being sheered. I nearly gagged! Gotta love those stock shows!

Brandon and April said...

that is one creepy looking pig. I'm not a pig fan.
which certainly means that I've never washed one. :)

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