December 18, 2008


Sometimes I type a post and then lose it and that's infuriating.
Sometimes Jacob is a saint.. I shouldn't use that term so loosely, but trully he is wonderful and made of patience. Whereas I... struggle.. at times. So many changes while trying to gracefully get through this year ( I use the term gracefuly loosely also- elephantine may be more apt).... I digress...

Christmas has wonderfully snuck up upon us and I fear it will run away too quickly.

I want an ipod this year so I can get in shape. Ha! What a joke. I somehow hold this silly notion that if I have an ipod I will exercise.. ha!

What do YOU want for Christmas?

1 comment:

kristinbednarz said...


peaceful sleep...I always feel worried. And I know that's simply not from trusting HIM. So maybe I should have typed TRUST?

Merry Christmas, THE REEDS! Love you guys!

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