December 7, 2008

Our son!

So now that we have definitely made the short cut into parenthood (a seventeen year old is definitely a short cut!) we're having fun doing things we wouldn't normally do. We got the surprise chance to go with some friends who have two exchange students living with them, to a Tech boys basketball game. We'd never been to one either- so it was quite the experience!

I think all three students really enjoyed it.

I was a bit surprised by the heckling... I thought good sportsmanship was like a desirable virtue?? I was surprised by people making noise and yelling "you're going to miss it" to the opponents. J and I were tempted to yell other random and absurd things like "I hate tacos!!!" etc. As it all seemed silly. Maybe it was trying to see it through the eyes of the exchange students. Still fun!

Today we're going to put up a tree. We weren't sure we wanted to but at last we've caved.

And in good news we think Red found a new family who have a Beagle for him to play with.. It all works out in the end!


Jennie said...

It's a boy! Congrats! :) Well, you both are a bit like exchange-workers really...

Jakob Swartz said...

Dont lie. -I know you really like Tacos :)

congrats on the family extension.

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