December 22, 2008


I saw this on a friend's blog and was amazed at the insight it gave into her orderly mind (at least from my perspective). So here are 22 connected yet random thoughts (22 for the date) from my not so orderly and very frightening mind.

1. Today I went to the gym for the first time in years. I loved it. I hate how much I love it because then I feel like a gym bunny- whatever that means. One problem/difference from gyms in Prague is that you have to bring your own lock to lock to lock things up here. Come on people- spring for a few locks....

2. I bought a cheap green lock at Wal-mart yesterday for 4 bucks. As Jacob and I practiced the combination like nervous junior high students with our first locker in the new building, I read the "warning" on the back of said lock from the state of California that there are materials that have been proven to cause cancer and/or birth defects in/on that lock and you should wash your hands immediately after. I think Jacob may have licked his in defiance... What is WRONG with this lock??

3. When we first got married and lived in Southfork (a.k.a. the amazing little R.V.) I noticed a sticker in the window that said that fumes from the inside of that brand new very fume-y R.V. have been proven in the state of California to cause cancer..... etc. (Better question: What's wrong with California? (Disclaimer: totally joking.. please don't retaliate with means Texas jokes..))

4. Yesterday we went to a church that we're really thinking about joining, and randomly ran into old friends (not that you guys are old) from our University days. Jacob married this couple (as in performed the ceremony) and they now live in L.A. What a neat gift to get to see them and their beautiful family! Their last name is Cain so they probably hear that they're raising Cain a lot.. but... I couldn't pass it up.

5. We've been trying to convince Hung that a private university isn't necessarily the only option for a foreign student. He's a hard sell.

6. I went to Wal-Mart earlier this week and there was not ONE parking lot free (it seemed). Surely this was a good day for the economy? Lots of buying going on for sure.

7. Jacob and I didn't buy one another Christmas gifts for the past 3 years and didn't mind at all. In Kaabong the grand idea was that we would make our gifts ("Make the presents! MAKE the presents!"). But when the harsh reality of dirt, rock and sticks became apparent we settled on big hugs and coveted eggs as Christmas gifts and loved them...

8. The eggs in America are just huge and really really white. I wonder if some of these eggs have been bleached...

9. I have a secret fear of using bleach in my laundry in the fear of ruining my clothes and inadvertnetly looking like Milli Vanilli in acid washed jeans again...

10. Was one of their names Milli and the other Vanilli?

11. At a Christmas party the other night they had the best Vanilla pudding. One of Jacob's favorite desserts is banana pudding. I love banana pudding too.. but a favorite?? Come on.. let's be a bit more selective.

12. When I first began working with British colleagues they would talk about all of these great "puddings" and how they loved all kinds of pudding. I like pudding too- but I can't just rave about it. It took me awhile to learn that "Pudding" means all dessert to them.

13. A popular British "version" of my name is Georgina. There were certain Brittish people who could NEVER remember my name... I was Georgina for a few years.

14. Hung keeps calling Jacob "Jack" because it's easier and I am "Mom", which is sweet.

15. "Jack" hit a deer with his pick up a few weeks back and still hasn't gotten the headlight fixed. The deer ran away apparently unscathed.

16. Daisy loves "Jack's" pick up SO much and loves to "g-o" (the word you must be selective about saying unless a walk or car drive is attached). If you ever open the car door in her presence she will jump in and not get out. I've left her in there and gone in the house thinking I could wait her out only to come back out to find her patiently waiting to "g-o".

17. Daisy also knows the word "tee-tee" (said with a very strange emphasis in a doggie voice) and when she hears it she runs to the back door to be let out. Sometimes we slip and talk to one another like this... it's frightening.

18. I hate scary movies. They infect my dreams. I strongly dislike gratuitious violence on t.v. and movies and refuse to watch it. If innocent bystanders are hurt in a movie I can't enjoy/stand watching it... I have no idea when this started for me. I will walk out of a theater.

19. I once knitted through a movie with Nicholas Cage in a theater many Christmases ago. The scarf was hideous. I was with a friend. Nicholas Cage was in the movie. It was not good. These are short sentences.

20. I love to write and sometimes do the assigments I give my students.

21. So much of learning is someone else guiding you to do the work and discover what, theoretically, you could discover on your own if you had the initiative. Much like a personal trainer and exercising. YOu know what you need to do but need someone else to help you do it.

22. I could easily run in my neighborhood or do aerobics in my home but like the community and accountability of a gym..



Anonymous said...

Impressive! I'm very impressed you had 22! Makes we want to try again!

Merry Christmas,

Jakob Swartz said...

Did you ever look like Milli Vanilli?? If so, please post some pictures as proof :)

Jennie said...

Wow! Fantastic - totally got the 'MAKE the presents' quip. Makes me laugh! Now this is good blogging - little insights into all areas of your life! :) Merry Christmas!

Steve and Pam said...

Christmas in Africa is definitely different from Christmas in the U.S. I wish I had your ingenuity, Georgia, to make all our Christmas presents. But this year is definitely a minimalist year and it's AOK! And I would love to see your smile and enthusiasm. If mine is waning right now it's only because this is our first Christmas away from our children and grandchildren. There have been so many 'firsts' in 2008. Bless you and Jacob! Merry Christmas!! Pam and Steve

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