December 23, 2008

Christmas in a jar and Squirrels

So in the interest of saving mula this holiday season, we made our Christmas gifts.. I'm seeing a pattern here...

My mom gave my sister a set of "Gifts in a jar" books for cheap gifts for teachers... My sister gave it to me knowing she would never use them.. So in the end the teacher ended up making cheap gifts in a jar for the people who initially bought the book.... Ha!

In other news, I think that I may deem "squirrel" as one of the harder words in the English language to master. In Kampala some people pronounced it "Squee-Lo", and yesterday Hung was pronouncing it in some way that made me initially think of Squid Gel (if such a thing existed).

Yup. Squirrel is not an easy word.

(Sorry if I gave the false impression that I ever "looked" like Milli Vanilli. My lack of hair growth through my child hood years kept me resembling THIS:
Elmer Fudd (minus the gun) rather than a hip Milli Vanilli version of me... I was merely referring to the unfortunate stone-washed jeans phase of life.)

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