November 16, 2008

These tears

A friend from Kaabong just called, and in an instant, mixed with my joy, came my tears. The same confused and ripped open tears from this summer when we had just returned.

I assumed that this adjustment has been as hard for us as it would be for anyone else- but I see in a lot of ways that for some reason we're struggling more than perhaps we should be. We are redefining our "calling" and ourselves. About a week or two ago we also got to talk to our friends still in Kaabong, and the minute I put the phone down the tears found me, as though they had never quit flowing from our first month back.

Sometimes when I give the students assignments, I write them also. This week I wrote a college application essay- and as it flowed from me, unplanned and unchecked, so did this truth. We never come home the same way we left. We are reshaped and reformed by the world around us in such a way that we are dropped back on these shores we came from, a newly shaped stone now a stranger in its home.

To all of our friends, from home, abroad, Africa and wherever else you may be- we both miss you. We both love you. And we treasure the times we had together and the time we hopefully will someday share in some not distant tomorrow.


Jakob Swartz said...

Hi there folks,
Long time no see/talk.
Yes, it is hard to transition back to "home"... I agree.
So what college did you apply to? :)
DEnmark is rainy, dark and cold. But at least there is super fast internet, reliable mail delivery and cozy cafes. -oh yeah, and friends and family too.

Merissa said...

thinking of you, friend

Misti said...

I miss you here! And know that there is more going on that we are interested in out here...far away from you guys...wondering how you are and what you're up to. How is it going with the exchange student? How did you get in the program of hosting? What's church been like? Have you spoken in churches much? Does Jacob like his job?
lots of love, friend!

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