November 15, 2008

November- Writer's block and writing prompts

I can't believe we've been back home for over six months now.

This weekend Jacob is turkey hunting. I on the other hand am torturing Daisy. I bathed her, made her wear a little outfit my mom gave me, and rented a movie.. Pretty nice eh? My life is so meaningful...

My health streak has already started to wane a bit.. But I'm trying to stick with it.

Maybe some day soon this writer's block will pass... when I feel like there's something worth blogging about. I apologize a million times over for the boring factor here.

Any ideas on how to get past this block?

I saw a few writing prompts and thought I would do some of those...

The first is to write a 15 word poem (title doesn't count) that doesn't have to be good. Only has to be 15 words... So mine would have to be....

Writer's Block

With no camera
to capture what I see
all my thoughts are blocked in me.

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