November 2, 2008

New blog name?

Maybe our blog should now be called "Mundane Something or Other".

Well... Not much is happening and if I keep waiting for something to happen then I'll never write on here.

It's voting time....

And Harvest for Jacob. So we're both working late and weekends just now.

I (Georgia of course) am working on getting healthy. All the stress of moving and the availability of cheese, blizzards and anything remotely dairy have wreaked havoc on me.

Today we were going to get groceries and passed a Mervyn's closing out 80% sale. How could we pass that up? On the way into the mall we saw a Giant book sale.. How could we pass THAT up? So we spent the afternoon shopping! If you know us that's pretty hillarious...

So I'm getting healthy and planning to start exercising. Planning is something right?
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