September 20, 2008

Random Reed

A wonderful friend called today from Prague. She said she knew more about our daily lives while we were in Africa than now. I'm so sorry!

One of my highlights is checking updates on blogs. My favorite blogs of all are photography blogs and blogs of friends. So I'm sooo sorry that I myself haven't been updating. As I've lamented many times before- it's so hard to know what to write about now.

In Africa we rarely had internet access. Even so I could have 10 postings for a month. At this rate I'll be good if I have 10 for the YEAR.

So what are we doing now....?

I've been under the weather. I knew I would have to battle new germs being in school- but I didn't think I'd go down that hard. So I stayed home from work yesterday to recup.

Today I slinked out of my hole and bought a book I'm thrilled to read; "Beowulf" A New Verse Translation by Seamus Heaney. I highly recommend it. I was reintroduced to this classic this fall. I didn't enjoy it much in high school, but as it always seems to be, teaching something makes you find the enjoyable things about it. Then I happed upon Heaney reading his translation and I was transfixed. Thanks to Moran for helping me to love Heaney, through her Advanced Level project on him in Prague. I'm a BIG Heaney fan! If you don't know him then I also highly highly recommend you grab a book of his poetry and sit yourself down for some good reading....
I find him entirely approachable and most definitely enjoyable.

(You can google "Seamus Heaney "Beowulf" audio"- to get some great audio files or just click here.).
In other news: our new dog Red is a hand full. Little Daisy is fine and doesn't tear things up. But Red is another story. We have these strange growths in our backyard- 5 foot stumps of huge destructive Mulberry trees with English Ivy growing over them. Jacob made a full-on assault of the vines as soon as we moved in in July. You name the chemicle and he tried it. Needless to say, it seemed that our ivy loved the chemicals and flourished.. Enter Red. That little dog has done more damage (in a good way) than we could have ever managed! He has dug through the ivy to make a little hole/nest. Then he began the digging, digging that normally would have made us pull our hair out. But this digging was around said- monstrous stump formation.

See.. not much going on.


Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

Heaney's translation of 'Beowulf' is great! I got that book one year for a birthday. A real masterpiece. Sorry to hear about the flu-bug. :( And I'm sure you've got plenty going on in your's just maybe more ordinary than when you were here. That's okay, though. Hey, you might to create some excitement!

airstreamdiva said...

Hi Georgia! thanks for the comment and link on my blog!
Have you seen the Nora sequel?:

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