September 6, 2008

Dull but posting

What we've been up to:
We spoke in Wellington and Dodson about Karamoja. What a GREAT time to share and see great people!
Jacob's been dove hunting.. He's on cloud nine.. Really.

We're carpooling to work. We leave early and get home late. The drive out is beautiful in spots. Big wind turbins out east of town all seem to be swooping in unison, and if we hit one meadow just as the sun breaks the horizon there are horses and mist rising.. (the mist is rising, the horses just stand). We pass a prairie dog farm. I can't get tired of seeing them: Chewing on pieces of grass like seasoned farmers, or throwing their heads back to the sun. Cute little guys.

We went to our first football game since returning. Neither of us are football fans. But I teach all of the seniors and they make up the bulk of the team. I realized quickly that I needed to know what was important to them. So there we were. Proud Eagle supporters.. And for the first time in my life I paid attention to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that happened.. I was exhausted by the end! But they played well.... I guess I'll be a fan just to support the students!
I'll start carrying J's camera and get some images. I'm a visual person and would struggle to follow this blog if there weren't some images.

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