July 11, 2008

Technical problems

I've never had any problems or complaints with blogger- but after our text went blue- it has now cut off portions of all of those posts AND our sidebar is gone.... Does anyone know what that's about???

Our life is pretty mundane and plain right now- so not a whole lot to post.

We visited our local library for the first time last night.. If this gives you any indication to how wild and crazy we are: we were thrilled about the visit. However... Upon getting my grubby little paw on a library card, I made a bee-line for the mystery section.. It's a sick part of my personality, me and my love for mysteries. And I was shocked... No.... baffled- that there were only THREE Agatha Christie books! The library was overflowing with Danielle Steele but only THREE Ag's??? Oh dear... I was really a bit bothered.. Jacob kept comforting me with the fact that it's a young library (opened 06) - and still growing- and that better yet I could help them grow their Christie collection.

Which leads me to this, have I confessed my love of Agatha?? There's something about her writing. Granted there is some of her stuff that's creepy and odd... I avoid those about seances and dolls that come to life.. But the rest? Genius! I can read them, be lost in them, love them, and then three months later- want to read them again as I've forgotten how it turns out. That's good stuff. I try and guess at the beginning where she's going with something, but can I say that I NEVER succeed.. What a dame.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

isn't agatha your middle name?

have you checked if they have inter-library loan so you could get any books you want in just a week or so?

(i happen to be a retired library page, by the way...shocking I know)

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