July 14, 2008


Seriously- our blog has gone bonkers.. Any advice?

Today is Bastille day. I have such a great memory of Bastille day. By accident, I ended up in Paris with my old roommate and her sister, on Bastille day. It was total coincidence, and quite honestly I didn't know what it was. Banners and people were everywhere. We settled down and watched the most beautiful firework show off of the Eiffel Tower. It was gorgeous... What a great memory! July 14 will never be 'just' July 14 again. So Happy Bastille day!

Today I dropped Jacob off at work and was driving out in the country to visit my new school (does that tell you anything?) and I passed a calf that was loose on the road. It was a downpour and he was kicking and jumping in the air. It reminded me of going on game drives, and an adolescent elephant shaking his head and trumpeting. I tried to get people to help, but the only houses in the country I came to either had "No trespassing" signs in the lawn, or angry cow dogs loose and nipping at my car... The second time I drove past him he ran at the car.. See- life IS exciting.

Funny thing: this morning on NPR the broadcaster asked some financial analyst what she thought the presidential candidates would say about the current crisis with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (housing crisis etc.). Her response? "Sadly, this is too serious for politics." That's interesting...

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