July 7, 2008

Great post

I kept wanting to write a great post- but time is passing and I'm simply needing to update.

First off a huge apology to all of our friends and aquaintances for not keeping in touch these past two months. Life has been a whirlwind, and the winds are just dying down.

So some updates:

We moved out of the mission house on the first of July and into our own home. A place we can actually 'unpack'. This will be the first time of our marriage that we don't literally have suitcases(or backpacks) out to pull from constantly, and that we don't have things in storage... The first time. It feels really good.

We had planned to go out on the fourth, but found ourselves too tired and overwhelmed. We went from being with one another all the time in Kaabong to spending days apart- so we just sat in one another's presence and enjoyed it. At one point I said I just wanted MedAir (from Kaabong) to come over.... We want our Africa friends nearby- but that's not to be.

We live in a quiet neighborhood now, and every neighbor we've met is retired. They're so much fun! What a kick!

This is what I love about West Texas. There are a lot of things that have been hard to adjust to- but this is nice. Some morsels:

It was sprinkling one day as we came home, and as we drove down the street, we saw an elderly man in a "Rascal" (aka- motorized chair), sitting in the rain. I said, 'Oh no Jacob! What if he's stranded in the rain and shorted out?" We pulled in to our garage and immediately our nearest neighbor came over to talk to Jacob about trailers, weeds and meat.. You know, manly things. And he tried to sell him a corvette for his little lady (aka. me!). I was in the kitchen unloading groceries- and before I know it- a golf cart comes whizzing up our drive. The man on the rascal apparently also has a golf cart and wanted to be in on the conversation.

So we'll call the second neighbor "Rascal" from here on out. Yesterday we were out pulling a few weeds and up whizzes the Rascal. He informed us that he also does daily patrols of all the alleyways (though I'm not sure if that's on his Rascal or his golfcart), and that he got a ticket for his golfcart because he was in a zone he shouldn't have been in(?). BUT that he can take the rascall wherever he darn-well pleases, thank you very much and that cop can't give him a ticket. So there. So we may not live in a gated community- but we do have neighborhood watch.

About an hour later, a lovely elderly woman from across our alley came to introduce herself and invite us to her church. We gave her a tour of our primarily bare house and chatted away. She's adorable.

After she left I raced out to give her a coupon I had cut, and then met the other semi-retired neighbor who tried to sell us a corvette and a trailer, from across the corner. As I walked back, our near neighbor called out that he was grilling buffalo burgers and I "just hadda" come over and see them. I did, and an hour later, we got a knock on our door and there he was with two gorgeous buffalo cuts that were the most tender (and only) buffalo I've ever eaten.

In the course of the day we learned that the rascal has a 25 pound cat, we learned who leaves their doors unlocked, and who has which pets and what their names are. We really are thrilled!


Browns said...

Your neighborhood doesn't know YET what a great couple they have in their midst. They are truly blessed by your presence. How's the settling in? Pam

Merissa said...

Sounds like our neighborhood! They sure do like to watch our kids play outside too.

Jennie said...

fabulous - wish I could come & meet them too!!! we're definitely moving into the mission at the end of this month - finally! It's not going to be the same without you guys there. Miss you so much!

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