July 23, 2008

Blog Business

This blog business baffles me.

Our side bar is gone and I don't know where it is.

And, again I hit the, "what's interesting aside from Africa" wall...

I got to spend a beautiful weekend in Ruidoso with a friend- talking way too late and relaxing. It made me sad that there are no tress/hills/shady trails to even so much as walk on in West Texas. Complaining much? Yes. Sorry.

I read on someone's blog what you love about where you live. So... maybe I will write briefly about what I love and have loved about where I live and have lived. You know, to be positive and all.

I love west Texas sunsets and thunderstorms. I love being able to stand and see the horizon capped around you like an all encompassing bowl. I love well meaning and kind hearted people, trying to live honestly and love.

In Kaabong I loved weaver birds, locusts in the evening, and sunsets that make you forget your woes. I loved smiling children and covert giggles. I loved being reminded everyday of the fragility of life and the time to sit and reflect on it.

In Prague I loved history at every turn, public transportation to never be rivaled, and parks with tripping brooks and cliffs embedded in a beautiful city.

What do you love about your home?

(by the way- my camera is on the blitz- hence no pics lately.)


Merissa said...

I like living at the ocean because it is and always has been a beautiful reminder to me of God's vast love!

John Divito said...

John might be able to help you. Hope all is well (besides your blog)!

John's wife

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