June 11, 2008

That's right...

That's right... We have our priorities.

We have one piece of furniture that a friend just gave us this weekend- an ottoman/sliding chair. We've been joking that when we move into a house- one of us can sit on the chair, and the other on the foot stool. (Until our friend informed us that actually- the foot stool isn't that sturdy.) So we could take turns sitting in the chair.

All that's changed now! We've officially bought our first piece of furniture together as a married couple!! We are SO grown up now. It was a big decision, and I won't lie and say it was easy.

So many colours! Which one will clash? Are we getting our money's worth? Which one is comfortable? And it's SO embarassing to sit on the different beds/couches and try to gauge how comfortable they are with people whizzing past and watching you.. Different sizes, different textures. Will it match other furniture? Will it match the carpet? Etc. At last we chose something.
And we're all thrilled!


Kelli Standish said...

I posted earlier...

But I really would like to talk to you about what your job needs are.

My company is currently hiring, and hiring returned missionaries is a high priority for us.

You can contact our office for more information: 361-985-1544.

Cheering you on,

Anonymous said...


That is the funniest thing I've ever read! Thanks! I needed a good laugh today! I was laughing out loud, so I had to show my husband what I was laughing at and he thought it was hilarious too!

Love ya girl!

Bubba Gump said...

hilarious! I think you guys made the right decision! The color is fabulous!

RAF said...

Funny! I can tell that Daisy loves her new bed/chair/piece of furniture:)

RAF said...

raf is Bessie Ann at Rent A Frog - ribbit

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