June 23, 2008

Storm Runners and Downpour of Blessings.

That's it- we're officially storm runners.

We went to Jacob's home church in Canadian, Tx this weekend. They were our sending agency, as we were rogue and all, and were a huge support. We'd been looking forward to this weekend for a really long time. Getting to share about Karamoja, and encouraging people to pray and how to pray for them is wonderful. Having pictures up behind us of our beautiful friends makes me want to hold my breath and dive forward, I know that too much pause and reflection and I would want to cry and pray for them then and there and become a TOTAL WRECK. I digress.

This amazing group of people threw us a "Home Warming Shower". A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I want to think that gifts don't matter that much. They're material things-and we're to be focused on different things. But this- meant- a lot. Each. Gift.

We had known about this shower and were really excited. Our friend Kristin recently got married and kindly gave us some of her older items that were in awesome shape. We were well on our way to having things for our house (look at post of the sliding chair). This shower topped off our kitchen! We went from not having a spoon between us- to having keep sakes- things we will cherish and never forget. Yay!!!

The shower was beautiful and fun. We had great barbecue potluck (sorry Brandi and Amber...) that was delicious. Then we began to open wonderful gift after wonderful gift.. THEN they turned our attention to the back two or three tables which were literally heavy ladened with gorgeous, kind, generous and thoughtful gifts. I was in candy land and on a sugar high!

We were also, so so kindly, given a fridge by the same kind couple that let two stinky un adjusted Kaabong-ites live with them for our first month back in America. So we strapped it to a trailer, and LOADED our gifts into the bed and back of our pickup. There were thunder heads all over the South plans... we were going to have to race the storm.

This was a huge storm- baring hail. Ugh.. And our friend loaned us his big nice Ford because our little S10 couldn't manage the load (that's a lot of gifts!). So we had the pressure of not getting our things wet, not getting a bookshelf Jacob built when he was a child wet, or the fridge wet- AND not getting this pick up hailed on.

The storm was a huge horseshoe with green clouds off to our West. Literally we were behind it, beside, it inbetween it, and in the last hour and half drove through it- with gusting winds, tumbleweeds and black sky and ONE or TWO drops of rain on our windshield.

As we neared our home we developed a game plan- I jump out, open garage, Jacob unhooks trailer, pulls pick up into garage, we unload bookshelf- then unload huge fridge and roll it into the house. All goes as planned- complete with scurries- knocks-bangs- and just as we literally squeeze the fridge through our sliding door (with not an inch to spare!) it starts raining! Woo-hoo! Thank you Lord!

Then we rolled that bad boy into our kitchen and literally- it- squeezed-into-the-spot.. NOT EVEN A HALF AN INCH TO SPARE! We had just assumed it would have plenty of space.. Phew! Close one!

Thank you so much to everyone! YAY!


Sheltons in Uganda said...

Yeah! What an amazing event! Praise God and His people from whom all blessings flow. So happy for you and can imagine you setting up your little house!
And, the changing room post was hilarious!! I had furled brows trying to follow the story while laughing at the same time!

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

here i am crying again. Georgia, i prayed that someone would throw y'all a shower since you left right after you got married and had sold all your stuff before moving to Europe. seriously, i just prayed that some church would just laden you guys with all your needs to make things easier for you. still crying. i am just so thankful and so amazed at how God works things out! Praise Him!, still crying so have to quit :)

mommyfranklin said...

How wonderful that you guys were so blessed by the church in Canadian.

Have you been told about Lubbock Freecycle? It's an email group that you can join. People send emails when they have things that they want to give away for free. We got some pretty good things from there when we first moved to Lubbock last year.

And, there's Lubbock For Sale too. It's basically an online garage sale.

Anonymous said...


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