June 8, 2008


If you like interesting posts... Ignore this.

In Uganda we always talked about how some people at home don't share their details. Like the dirt of "what you got at the store" etc. The mundane is frighteningly interesting when there is only "new" unique experiences around. Brandi (who's still in Uganda), reminded me of my lack of mundaneness.. My apologies.

Mundane Things.

We're living with one used car, and as gas prices are going up, we're considering living with only one car for some time. It means I give Jacob a ride to work, and pick him up, and on other days I stay here and study all day. It's actually nice and we get to spend a lot more time together and our days rotate more around one another. Jacob is working with weeds now at an experiment station. I like to tell him he's my favorite Weed. (Get it... Reed?)

I'm taking two courses at a local university. I was having issues with my certificate, and this opportunity opened up for me. They're post bac classes and it's paid for by a grant. What a blessing! I love studying, but I wasn't quite planning on these two classes taking this much time. But, I'll be finished by the end of June. (By the way- certificate is all taken care of).

Today some friends threw a "welcome home" party for us. It was great! We got to reconnect with a lot of friends, got coffee, some gift cards to cool places like Target, AND we got a ficus. We had a massive ficus in our yard in Kaabong- so it was pretty sweet to have a mini ficus for our home.

And lastly, it's hot here. It's hot and dusty. Jacob spends a lot of time outside in the blowing dust for his work- so he's been exhausted. It's not even "I-wish-I-was-in-the-shade-hot", but it's "Poor-a-bucket-of-ice-on-me-or-kill-me-to-put-me-out-of-my-misery-hot". That's hot.

I'm waiting for God to bless me with a great job. (That's my positive spin on my joblessness.)

I think:

We should join the "slow movement" for a more relaxed society. Say yes to chats with friends, and no to busy-ness.

30 is the new 20


Green is the new black.


Jennie said...

mundane? those ARE the exciting things to us here - but I know what you mean. you just might be my favorite blogger...and you're both my favorite weeds! LOVE that you had a welcome home party and that you're taking some classes! Jealous of the mini ficus - enjoy.

Love to you.

Mary said...

You might find your life is mundane lately, but I, for one, find it amusing and very interesting!

And I understand about hot but I'm not sure we've reached your level yet... Hang in there :o)

Your last sentence, "Say yes to chats with friends, and no to busy-ness." We should all slow down.

Good luck with your studies!


Kelli Standish said...

My name is Kelli Standish, and I found your blog through JennieO's blog.

My husband and I worked in Africa several years ago, and are hoping to return via work with Medair sometime soon.

In the meantime, I'm wondering what sort of job you're looking for?

I'd love to help if I can.

Cheering you on and welcome back to Texas,

Lew and Brandi Johnson said...

i made the blo-o-og, i made the blo-o-og. well all that sounds fascinating! how great that you are taking classes! and so if 30 is the new 20, what is 32? and what do you mean green is the new black? is green now making people look slimmer than they are? do people now wear green evening gowns to elegant parties? man i am out of touch! and i am so with you on the one car thing, tons of quality time, keep it that way while you can! we love and miss you guys! weed on weeder!

Anonymous said...

Looking through some of your previous blogs, including your extensive section on jiggers and pics - a simpler way to remove (when few at least) is use a sterilised pin (put it over a flame) and gouge out the jiggers then use kerosene (paraffin) to kill those remaining in the wound. I have always heard of jiggers associated with the keeping of pigs and in sandy areas, not too many bovine creatures in Dodoth but maybe in the town urban area but plenty of sand, I have not heard of them in Karamoja generally (I am based south of Kotido town at Panyangara known as Apaloribony). You definitely need community health workers to come and undertake some health education on this from your nearest health Unit - which is the hospital in town I think. Best of luck in eradicating them. Alakara!

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