May 31, 2008

Kaabong video

This is my first attempt at "video". It's blurry because I compressed it so it might be easier to watch.

It was all I could do NOT to include a picture of Buddy and Lojikan and all of our friends. But I refrained.

A huge heartfelt thanks to wonderful friends who are such blessings. Thanks for your kind and uplifting words. Through one another's love we are able to learn more about Christ. Thanks for your selfless kindness.

Spending this afteroon putting this together kind of transported me back to the Mission living room. There could have been Nakoli sitting right outside.

In the fast paced rush of here, I refuse to forget where we've come from and refuse not to pray for our friends and other people in need. Leslie said, "God hasn't brought you from Africa to drop you cold turkey". Of course she's right. Thanks again to all!

P.S. the last song "Abung ayong" is talking to Jesus; this world is not our home and that someday we will "return to him". I put together the video and didn't realize until later how well it fit the theme of this week for me- we're not meant to fit in and be at total peace and ease in this world- we should always hunger for more and for Him.

That last refrain starts right as the plane takes off. It says Jesus knows this 'trail'/path we're on, and someday I'll return (to heaven). Someday- I'll go home.


Burkhalter Ministry said...

Jennie Otte connected me with your blog... I have enjoyed reading about your time in Uganda. She told me you might have some info for me about Bible storying... I just took a week long course on it at SWBTS. My email is if you get a chance to write.
Beth Burkhalter

Merissa said...

That was beautiful- thank you for sharing! I wish I could come to hear you and Jacob share about your time there (guess I just need to go back and read all of the blog entries)!

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